Soda and Our Body with Its Negative Impacts

impact of soda

Soda is one of the most obsessive beverages in the world now days. If we count this about one country then it’s around 57 gallons of soda per person consume every year. It wasn’t full of sugary calories always. But it’s happen inside the body after soda consumption that effects badly in your body. Soda and our body both are not accepting positively and later show its bad effects.

impact of soda
Image source: mindbodygreen

As soon as soda is gulp down, then pancreas is alerted and swiftly begins to create insulin in reaction to the sugar. Insulin is a hormone that a body uses to shift sugar from drink and food into the bloodstream. In this, cells are then capable to use sugar for energy. Within just 20 minutes, blood sugar levels prickle and the liver reacts to the insulin by turning sugar into obese for storage.

Soda and our body, its 8 impacts

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