Merkaba Meditation – The Ultimate Guide

Merkaba Meditation

Process of Merkaba Meditation

It’s an easy meditation, only if you adopt in your life sincerely.  Here are 10 steps you need to follow in order to complete a round of this meditation.

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  1. Take your both hands’ first finger and thumb together. Now raise the palms up, after that breathe out through the nose.
  2. Now imagine a light of red color; open the root chakra then hold your breath. Rhythm the breathe and rhythm your eyes as well.
  3. Now take your thumb and the second finger together. Inhale and then hold your breathe for a few seconds then exhale it. Now imagine a light of orange color and move your eyes down.
  4. Now hold the hands’ thumb and third finger together. Now imagine a yellow light. Breathe in and hold it, and pulse again.
  5. After this, bring the thumb and fourth finger together. Imagine a green color of light. Breathe in and hold it and pulse again.
  6. Next, repeat the hand posture; bring thumb and the first finger of hands together. Imagine a blue light, it will open your throat chakra. Breathe in and hold your breath for few seconds and pulse it again.
  7. Bring your second finger and thumb together and imagine the indigo color this time. Imagine your brow chakra’s opening and hold your breath. Now pulse. Move your eyes downward again and change your finger.
  8. At last, bring your hands’ thumb and third finger together. Now imagine violet color of light. Imagine the crown chakra opening up in your imagination. Then hold your breath and pulse it again for few seconds, then breathe out.
  9. Now take deep breathe and feel the love that is around you positively. Relax your mind and body and breathe in a periodic manner.
  10. Continue with Merkaba Meditation of your own in your daily routine.

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