Lose Baby Weight In Just Three Easy Steps!!

Lose Baby Weight

Drink Green Smoothies

Eating healthy is a tremendously essential part of losing the baby weight. Lose baby weight is actually 80% depend on diet and only 20% on fitness. You cannot workout for the first seven to nine weeks postpartum, so a healthy diet is the key to your weight loss achievement.

Here are few tips to make smoothie in less time.

Smoothy with limited veggies: Don’t over obscure your green smoothies. Try to maintain your smoothie and don’t use more than four or five item.

Fruits should be freezed: when you are free cut your fruits and freeze them or you can buy frozen fruits that can easily grab and add in your blender for smoothies. This helps to lose baby weight effectively.

Freeze your greens. Wash green veggies like spinach, remove the stems, slap lightly to make them dry and place in freezer in safe containers. Label them with the date, so you don’t forget when you have put them in there. You can effortlessly do this work when your baby is sleeping or tell your partner help you in this.

Protein food for super mom: Keep a protein powder on hand for energy and power in your body, rich green smoothies that you don’t have to think about. Of course, you can get enough protein from dark leafy green veggies, berries, seeds and other amazing ingredients.

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