Feet Massage before Going to Bed and Its Importance

Feet massage before going to bed

Perform feet massage:

Feet are reachable part of our body to self-massaging.

Image source: theanda

As mentioned previous, soak your feet in some warm water for 10 minutes. Also, put some salt in it before soaking your feet in it. Rub the base of your feet with the palm and fingers of your hand. After this hold each toe between your thumb and forefinger and squeeze towards heel with power. Pull the feet and flex them to increase their flexibility.

# Pull and push feet in opposite directions to their limit. Be careful and don’t apply too much force on feet.

# Place the thumb on the sole of foot and put pressure and then moving the thumb in a circular motion.

# Repeat this process at least 10 to 20 minutes for best relaxation.

# The massage will energise the heel of the foot and release stress and tension from your foot.

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