Feet Massage before Going to Bed and Its Importance

Feet massage before going to bed

Foot massaging is refereeing equals to relaxation. This technique is recommended by doctors for relaxation.

reflexology points
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In this process, fingers and feet’s 10 to 20 minutes massaging have been involved. Every night before going to sleep; this will release all the tiredness. As wanting complete relaxation of mind, people adopt other different ways as well. They use reading a book for relaxing while some listening to soft music or meditation chanting.

Foot massage is easy and can be done at home as well without professionals. You just need to understand the pressure points; this is beneficial to your whole body. Before taking a massage soak your feet in the salty water. This will strain out all your pain and drowsiness of feet in few minutes, and then give feet massage before going to bed. This process will give you the feeling of rejuvenation.

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