Tips to Apply Best Mehndi Designs in India

dark mehndi color

Henna has cooling property that is good for skin. You have to let it dry entirely to get a rich and dark red color of mehndi on your feet and hands. Nowadays, chemicals are used to enhance the color of heena in less time. Be very watchful while applying mehndi on your hands, feet and another part of body. These chemicals contain allergic stuffing that is insightful to your skin. Here we are going to suggest some tips to apply best mehndi designs.

dark mehndi color
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It will be safer if you examine a little amount of mehndi on your palm and wait till it dries before making mehndi designs on your hand. Make sure don’t apply mehndi just after waxing, it will affect your skin. Waxing opened skin pores, and then chemical easily enters into the skin. So wait at least one day.

Tips to Apply Best Mehndi Designs

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