Madhubala – A Style Icon of Every Girl!!

madhubala-style icon

In 1950, Madhubala was considered one of the most stunning women in the world. She has set the high standard in the film industry for being gorgeous, fluently. She was a style icon of her time and still girls follow her style very gracefully.

madhubala-style icon

But we’re to tell you that you can be your own realistic version of Madhubala too. Scroll fast and see for yourself as diva Madhubala:

Style icon – Start with the best!

Dare to be sexy:

Madhubala had no worries about her curves, and so she was very comfortable in wearing off-shoulder dresses and figure hugging blouses were proof to this point. If you have it than brandish it!

Androgyny is chic:

Bollywood conversion from the continuing sari-type actress to exposing one. In some movies, Madhubala adopted androgynous look in her 50’s movies. Chequered shirt and wide trouser, where her ultimate hip showed feminism perfectly.

Wake up with graceful hair:

She hadn’t experimented with her hair. She never did poker straight hair and curls. Madhubala had wavy hair and with this hair texture and style she still looked like a glam divinity! So girls don’t waste time and money on different hairstyle just follow her style for a glam look.

Big accessories:

You have noticed that Madhubala used big accessories. She loved to decorate herself with mogras to gold jewellery. In this modern era, statement accessories plus pint in your appearance.

Try the ‘No diet’ look:

Madhubala loved street and fast food and maintained her curves properly. From donning curvaceous blouses to fitted shirts, she never afraid away from holding the ‘sexy and curvy’ look. Then why shouldn’t you try to fault your curves?

When in doubt, sari is solution:

A black or white simple sari is the best way to bail you out of any fashion emergency. The Indian comparable to Little Black Dress (LBD), but sari is timeless as vibrant. Like Madhubala, who wrapped herself gracefully a white sari, she was a real style icon. So your wardrobe should have this kind of stuff when you are in confusion.

Loud and bold lips:

Madhubala’s had introduced iconic red lip shade. This loud red shade of lipstick go down in Bollywood history, it’s one of the best makeup ever. Wearing a bold lip shade should be in every girl’s makeup list.

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