Best Mehndi Design – An essential Art of India!

temporary heena tattoo

The mehndi is a significant thing that has a deep correlation with the history. The women of all epochs find it fascinating to beautify their hands with the best mehndi design. In the past, the women were used to crush heena leaves and make the thick paste. This paste was applied on the hands and feet by few simple designs.

Image source: tumblr

Best Mehndi Design’s Importance

It is the most multi-talented and appealing thing for women on all the celebration. In different countries of Asia, but most of at Pakistan and India. Mehndi is a part of wedding culture; it’s an important ceremony of marriage.  But now, it is similarly famous in foreign countries. Some of use a temporary tattoo and make different designs. Mehndi is one of the predominantly used style or trend to embellish your body. Like hands, feet, arms, legs and some of use as in tattoo form at back, waist, neck, forearms.

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